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Sports and Curricular Activities

About CBS College
One of the aspects that make CBS Group of Institutions stand apart is the attempt to go beyond curriculum so that the students have all the opportunities needed for a comprehensive growth that may empower them to become not only competent professionals, but, worthier human beings as well. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are not seen as mere pastimes but steps towards sustained, overall development of every student. This educational concept, by any means, does not slight the importance of serious academic studies, but, while entirely and systematically covering the core curricula, collaborative effort are taken to make the students emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and socially strong. The purpose of this conceptual approach is to turn young people into self dependent, but, socially responsible individuals who can make meaningful contributions to the developments of the country and the world.

CBS Group of Institutions provide students the platforms to demonstrate their talents through debates, speeches, one act plays etc. Dance, Drama and others performing arts also make creative explorations possible to a large extent. Cultural programs and sport are regular affairs and participation in them enhances mental and physical agility. The spirit of competition is kept alive and non-performers gradually turn into top performers.

Qualities like leadership and sportsmanship are closely interwoven. CBS Group of Institutions provides ample opportunities and sporting facilities for students to participate in various games and sports under the supervision of experienced physical education teachers. Sporting facilities include indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, carom, badminton, football, cricket, volley ball, and so on. The college also provides training in yoga. Special coaching in various sports events is also arranged.

The culture practices at the institution infuse vital values and virtues into students. Not only Indian tradition and values, but, everything that is universally good in thought, word and action is assimilated to make students morally strong. The thrust is on grooming a generation of bright young people who are intellectually capable to accelerate the progress of the country and are sensitized to touch the lives around them with action driven by compassion and empathy.

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